WcoFun Review & Top Best WcoFun Alternatives (updated 2023)

In today's article, we'll review the famous online movie streaming website known as WcoFun and discuss its best alternatives in 2023.

Watching anime and series is the best (and the easiest) possible escape from the boring routine of life. When we walk into the fictional world of anime, the awe-inspiring visuals, the curiosity-provoking storyline and the awesome sound effects transport us far away from the weariness of normal life, and we find ourselves enjoying this temporary escape from reality.

This temporary and satisfying escape has been made all the more easier with the coming of digital anime streaming platforms. However, some of these platforms (like Disney+) are paid, and unfortunately not everyone can afford buying their subscriptions.

But the good news is: there are a lot of online websites that allow you to watch anime/series online for free!!! One such website is WcoFun. Let's talk about it!

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What is WcoFun?

WcoFun is the go-to place for all the anime and cartoon content lovers! And why is that? Well, the reasons are pretty obvious!

As you might have guessed already, WcoFun is an online website that provides anime and cartoon based content to its users. Its users love it because they get access to a wide range of anime and cartoon based series, from the oldest to the latest, all in a single place! All the content that's available on paid websites like Disney+ etc, you can get for free on WcoFun. Its content library is huge, offering you 10,000+ shows/series to watch.

From adults to kids, WcoFun caters to the content needs of all age groups. Its content is topnotch, available in super fine HD quality. You can even choose your desired video resolution.

What's more, the website supports a wide range of languages (7 in specific, including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Tamil, Hindi, Korean and English.)

The content is set in an organised fashion, offering options like dubbed anime, movies, subbed anime, etc.

The best part? It has a no ad policy and can be accessed on literally any device! What more could an anime lover ask for?

Is WcoFun Safe?

WcoFun sounds like the best website to watch anime, series and cartoons for free. But is it safe? Is it secure to use? Being a responsible user of the internet, these questions might (and should) arise in your mind. Well, the answer lies in the grey area between yes or no.

There are many websites like WcoFun that provide free online movie streaming services, and most of them source their content from 3rd party websites, and so is the case with WcoFun. While it's generally safe to watch content on such websites, you should be vigilant and cautious because there is always a potential risk for viruses and malware.

Being adult users of the internet, it can be expected that you'll be careful enough while consuming content from WcoFun and that it wouldn't be much of an issue for you.

Also, if you're conscious about getting your device infected with a virus or malware while streaming online, you can even download the content from WcoFun (with an amazing tool known as StreamGaGa Video Downloader). For more information on downloading content, keep reading!

What are the Best Alternatives for WcoFun?

Due to the safety reasons we have just discussed, WcoFun may not be available in many countries and regions.

If it's not available in your country, don't fret! We have picked out a few websites that are as good as WcoFun and that provide a large content library to its users, consisting of all the trending and latest anime, series, movies and cartoon content. Some of such websites are:


KissAnime is one of the best alternatives to WcoFun, especially if you're looking for a website catering to anime content specifically. KissAnime has all the anime shows that you can possibly think of, from all genres, from the oldest to the latest. It's a website made for true anime lovers!

Although you'll mostly find all the Japanese anime content on KissAnime, you can also find some cartoon shows here. The intrusive ads may discourage you from using this website, but you'll still find a way to stick to it if you're a true anime enthusiast!


There are some anime websites that have made their place on the webspace ever since the beginning of the anime craze, and KissCartoon is one of them!

KissCartoon enables you to watch a huge variety of anime, cartoon shows as well as traditional anime, that too with as few ads as possible. What's more, you can also watch some popular TV shows here. So it's not a strictly anime related website, although it started off as one.


If you're a new anime watcher that's been feeling crazy after trying to find the perfect website to watch anime for free, you should visit CartoonCrazy. But it isn't a website, it's rather an application that has a number of English-dubbed cartoons and anime.

Since it offers English dubbed anime, it's a perfect option for those who have just started watching anime and are in the exploration phase.


Although AnimeSuge has currently shut down and isn't available by this name, it has a number of mirror websites that work perfectly well, where you can watch all the various anime, cartoons and movies that were available on AnimeSuge.

How to download WcoFun Anime Offline for Free?

Like we mentioned above, you can download anime from WcoFun for offline watching using StreamGaGa video downloader. Here's the exact process for doing so:

  • Download the StreamGaGa app on your device. After downloading, open the apps's homepage
  • Visit WcoFun and copy its link. Paste the link to WcoFun and paste it onto StreamGaGa's homepage

  • Search for the anime which you want to download and select the desired video resolution along with subtitles and audio file.

  • Press "Download Now" and your anime will be downloaded in a few minutes!


Can you find the latest Anime on WcoFun?

Yes, you can find all the latest anime on WcoFun easily.

Can you download any Anime from WcoFun?

Yes, you can download anime from WcoFun (by using StreamGaGa video downloader).
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