Is 123Series Safe & Similar Sites like 123Series (updated 2023)

In this article, we'll tell you if 123Series is safe to use for online movie streaming, along with the updated alternative websites for 123Series in 2023.

One of the struggles that movie freaks go through on a daily basis is to search for the best online movie streaming websites. Because let's be honest: not everyone has the financial resources to buy expensive subscriptions, so most of us are left with the option to access free platforms. And here the actual struggle begins!

While there are a hundred websites available on the internet offering free online movies/series streaming facility, not all of them are user friendly and safe. So users have to invest a great deal of time and energy in filtering safe websites out of all the suspicious ones, and then checking these websites for good video quality and other features.

But hey! We're here to make things easier for you!

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What is 123Series?

We make online movie streaming easier for movie lovers by reviewing all the famous movie streaming websites, discussing their safety, their features, and a lot more! Today, the website we have chosen to discuss is 123Series. Is it safe? Let's find out! But before that, let's discuss all its features and options.

123Series is one of the hundred websites available on the internet offering free online movie streaming facility, and it's a quite popular one. It owes its popularity to its extensive movies/series library, which includes the latest to the oldest movies and series in multiple genres, and all the videos are in super fine HD quality, available for absolutely 0 fee. What else could a movie lover ask for?

What's more, the movie streaming speed is super fast and impressive, there are no ads to interrupt the movie watching experience, and you get 24/7 customer support! Isn't that mind blowing?

Is 123Series Safe?

Wondering is 123Series a safe platform to watch movies online? The simple answer is: yes! It's very much safe, as it doesn't need you to register and/or provide any personal details for accessing it. The no ad policy adds a lot more safety and smoothness to it, as users aren't vulnerable to being affected by hidden viruses and malwares that are usually disguised as intrusive ads/popups/links.

123Series not working? What can I do?

With all the amazing features that 123Series offer, who wouldn't want to use this website? But unfortunately, not everyone can access it since it's not available in many regions due to different reasons pertaining to legality and security, etc.

If that's the case with you, don't worry! There are a couple of websites that are as good as 123Series for online movie streaming, providing more or less the same features and facilities that 123Series does.

We searched the entire internet and have successfully put together a list of all the best alternatives for 123series that you can find in 2023.

What are the Best Alternatives for 123Series?

Following are some of the best alternatives to 123Series in 2023:


Putlocker comes very close to 123Series movies in terms of popularity, daily traffic and incredible features. There are many qualities and features of 123Series which match that of Putlocker's, including superb video quality, extensive video library, no registration fee, and much more!

You can find hundreds of movies and tv shows on putlocker, as the website is constantly getting updated with new additions of latest movies and shows.


Another popular online movie streaming website that's as good as 123Series is primewire. It's as popular as 123Series, and for all the right reasons. Some of them are discussed below.

With amazing user friendly interface, super extensive video catalogue, no registration fee, smooth video quality, etc., primewire justifiably attains its position as one of the best alternatives to 123Series on this list.


If you're a fan of websites with no ad policy, and for some reason you can't access 123Series in your region, then Fmovies should be your go-to option as the best alternative.

Not only the no ad policy, but a lot of features of Fmovies resemble those of 123Series, including its layout. Its other features that compete with those of 123Series include HD video quality, no registration requirements, huge video library, and smooth website interface. So you should definitely opt for Fmovies as it's one of the perfect alternatives to 123Series.


Another efficient competitor of 123Series is WatchFree, which not only competes with the former in terms of popularity but also the qualities.

People who love websites with simple user interface will definitely like using WatchFree, as it features a very simple user interface where you can easily search for your desired movies/series using the navigation bar.

Needless to say, its content library is pretty extensive, having movies from multiple genres and categories. The movie quality is also very fine and impressive.

How to Download Movies and Shows from 123Series Offline for Free?

While a lot of people prefer watching movies online, which is why they use websites like 123Series and its alternatives, some of them prefer downloading them so they can have a super smooth watching experience with no lags and interruptions.

The good news is, you can also download videos from 123Series for offline watching. For this, the best software is StreamGaGa video downloader which is the safest and the most efficient video downloader. Here's how you can do it:

  • Download and launch the StreamGaGa downloader on your device.
  • Once you are on the dashboard, go to the Home Page and paste the link of 123Series website.

  • Search for the movie/series you need to download

  • Select the desired video quality and audio. Once done, click the "Download Now" option.
  • The movie/series will soon be downloaded successfully


Is 123Series the only good online streaming website?

There are several websites that are as good as 123Series for free movie streaming.

Is it easy to download movies from 123Series?

Yes, it's very easy to download movies from 123Series using StreamGaGa video downloader.
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