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Summary of erotic manga sites to replace Erocool (Erocool) after its closure.

After the popular adult-oriented manga site Erocool closes, this section describes the manga sites that will replace it and their safety.

After the closure of the popular adult-oriented manga site Erokool, this article describes the manga sites that will replace it and their safety.

Please note: The sites mentioned in this article are for adults, and those under the age of 18 are not allowed to view them.

What is Erocool?

To put it bluntly, erocool is a foreign illegal site where you can view erotic manga and erotic doujinshi for free, a so-called pirate site.

The reason for its closure was that Japanese manga artist Maki Murakami filed a DMCA complaint with Cloudflare, claiming that erocool infringed her copyright. In other words, it was closed due to copyright-related issues.

It was shut down around February 2021 and is still not expected to be restored.

However, there is still a great demand for free adult-oriented manga and doujinshi content, so here are some alternatives.

Free Erotic Doujinshi Site Nyahentai

Nyahentai is an erotic doujinshi site that was shut down for a while due to the influence of erocool, but now it seems to be back.

The site itself is in English, but using Google Translate or the translator that comes with your browser is quite convenient. Some titles are in Japanese, so you can search for a work by putting the title in the search field.

Free Erotic Manga Site Joy Hentai

Joy Hentai's layout is very similar to Nyahentai's, and its usage is almost the same. In addition to titles, you can search for works by author or character. This is a useful feature when you don't know what to read.

Nijima, the holy land of 2D girl picture books

Nijima is a blog specializing in 2D bishojo images and erotic manga. Although it seems to be run by an individual, it is categorized by work name and genre, allowing you to search for works according to your preferences, such as cute or childhood friend type, for example. However, since it is only a personal blog, the number of works may be a little limited. There are also many advertisements.

Erotic Manga Café

Eroko Manga Cafe is a site that compiles free erotic doujin and erotic anime. Here, you can watch not only manga but also erotic anime. Likewise, the number of works is small, but they are ranked in daily weekly and monthly rankings, making it easy to find the most popular works. However, clickers are likely to jump to strange advertisement sites, so those who are concerned about this may want to be careful.

Safety and Cautions for Free Erotic Manga Sites

In conclusion, most sites where you can view free erotic manga and erotic doujinshi are illegal, so there is no guarantee that they are 100% safe. Be sure to use the site with the utmost care to prevent your computer or device from being infected with a virus.

Beware of pop-up ads.

Most free adult-oriented sites include advertisements, so you may well click on them by mistake when browsing. Be careful not to enter your personal information on linked sites.

Use legitimate sites, too.

Free sites have many merits, of course, but considering the number of works, image quality, and safety, it is better to use a legitimate e-book store. If you really want to read a work you are interested in, don't forget to use a legitimate site.


We have introduced sites where you can read erotic manga and erotic doujinshi for free as a substitute for Erocool, but please enjoy the works with care, putting the safety of yourself and your device first.

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