Here's a list of all the sites where you can read free erotic manga!

As popular adult-oriented manga sites are closing one after another, we have compiled information on sites where manga can be viewed for free as of 2022 in the text.

Have you ever used free sites to browse adult-oriented manga, or so-called erotic manga? To be clear, most of these sites are illegal foreign sites, or pirate sites, where you can view erotic manga and erotic coterie magazines for free.

The reason for this is that Japanese manga artist Maki Murakami filed a DMCA complaint with Cloudflare claiming that Erocool was infringing on his copyrights. It was shut down around February 2021 and is still not expected to be restored.

In addition, the former operator of Manga-mura has been sentenced to prison, and other illegal uploading of manga content is increasingly being severely punished.

However, there is still a great demand to read adult-oriented manga and doujinshi content for free, so this article will introduce some currently operating sites where you can read erotic manga for free.

Free Erotic Doujinshi Site Nyahentai

This is an erotic doujinshi site that was closed for a while due to the influence of erocool, but now seems to be back in business.

The site itself is in English, but it is quite convenient if you use Google Translate or the translator that comes with your browser. Some titles are in Japanese, so you can search for works by putting the title in the search field.

Free Erotic Doujinshi Site Doujin Free

As you can see from the name, this site specializes in collecting free erotic doujinshi.

The site boasts an abundance of over 50,000 titles and is well categorized into genres, so you can search for your favorite titles by author, character, update date, and so on.

On top of that, there are almost no pop-up ads, which is excellent. If you know the original story, it will be even easier to find the work you are looking for. This is a great site for otaku.

Nijima, the holy land of 2D girl picture books

A little different from the usual sites, this is a blog specializing in 2D bishojo images and erotic manga.

It seems to be run by an individual, but it is categorized by work name and genre, allowing you to search by quite detailed keywords, such as cute or childhood friend, for example.

However, since it is only a personal blog, the number of works may be a little limited. There are also many advertisements.

Erotic Manga Café

Eroko Manga Cafe is a site that compiles erotic doujinshi and erotic anime that can be read for free. Here you can view not only manga but also erotic anime.

Likewise, the number of works is small, but daily, weekly, and monthly rankings are given, making it easy to find the most popular works at any given time. However, when you click on the link, you tend to be taken to a strange advertisement site, so you might want to be careful if you are concerned about this.

Free erotic manga site dougle

The layout of this site is such that the covers of the works are lined up as they are. It is suitable for those who want to read the manga as soon as they click on it without worrying about the work, but the categories are rather simple, so it may be a little difficult if you want to find a specific work.

Safety and Cautions for Free Erotic Manga Sites

In conclusion, most of the sites that offer free access to erotic manga and erotic doujinshi are illegal, so there is no guarantee anywhere that they are 100% safe. There is no possibility that a virus may be lurking somewhere on the site, so be very careful to use the site to prevent your computer or device from being infected with a virus.

Beware of pop-up ads.

Many free adult sites contain advertisements, and it is quite possible that you may accidentally click on one while browsing.

In addition, there is a good chance that the site is a scam to induce you to pay a monthly fee or some other reason, so be careful to close any page that comes up on its own and be careful not to enter any personal information on the linked site.

Use legitimate sites, too.

Of course, free sites have many advantages, but when considering the number of works, picture quality, and ultimately safety, it is better to use a legitimate e-book store where you can enjoy all the stories safely. More and more sites are specializing in adult-oriented works. Don't forget to use legitimate sites if you really want to read works you are interested in.


We have selected a few of the many free erotic manga sites that exist. Some of these sites are unstable and you never know when they will be closed, but they should work fine as an alternative. Information on these sites is constantly being updated, so if you want to use them, please check there as well.

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