B9Good Closure! For those looking for alternative sites. 6 recommendations for the latest edition of 2023.

With the decision to close B9Good, many users will be looking for alternative sites to replace it. Therefore, this article introduces the latest version of the B9Good alternative site for 2023. In addition, we will explain the features and cautions of the alternative sites, which we hope you will find useful.

B9Good was an illegal Chinese website that distributed unauthorized videos of anime and dramas beloved by many Japanese people. However, the site was busted by Chinese authorities in March 2023 and shut down completely. Many B9Good users will be looking for a site to replace it.

Therefore, this article introduces the latest version of the B9Good alternative site for 2023. In addition, we will also explain the features and cautions of the alternative sites.

What is B9Good?

B9Good was an illegal Chinese website that distributed popular Japanese anime, dramas, movies, etc. without permission from the copyright holders, and had been in operation since 2008. However, it was clear that the site was illegal, and Japanese TV stations and movie companies requested that the site be exposed. Finally, in March 2023, the Chinese authorities caught up with the site and shut it down completely.

Six alternative sites to B9Good

Although B9Good has been closed, you can continue to enjoy Japanese anime and dramas by using alternative sites. Below are five B9Good alternative sites as of the latest version in 2023.


AnimeFreak, like B9Good, is a site that mainly distributes Japanese anime. It also offers many foreign anime and supports multilingual subtitles. It is free to use, but its drawback is that there are many advertisements.


9anime offers a wide variety of anime, from the latest to nostalgic. It also distributes foreign dramas and movies, allowing users to enjoy a wide variety of genres of content.

Japanese subtitles and dubbed versions are available, so even those who have difficulty with Japanese can enjoy the content. The viewing quality is also high, with short load times during streaming playback, allowing for comfortable, stress-free viewing.

On the other hand, one drawback is that many advertisements are displayed. Sometimes inappropriate advertisements are displayed, so care should be taken. In addition, some films may only be available with English subtitles, which may not be suitable for those who are not comfortable with English.


Chia-Anime is an up-to-date online streaming website for anime and drama, available for free. On this website, besides Japanese anime, you can also watch dramas from Korea, China, Taiwan, and other countries. It also features high-quality videos and English subtitles.


B9DM.US is a Chinese video-sharing website where users can watch movies, dramas, animations, variety shows, and other content. However, many videos offered on B9DM .US may be illegal and not officially licensed. Therefore, caution should be exercised when using them. In addition, the risk of virus infection, unauthorized advertising, and phishing scams also exists, so it is important to take safety precautions. We encourage you to enjoy the content in a legitimate manner.


Netflix is a website that distributes a wide range of movies and dramas from around the world. It also offers Japanese dramas and animations, and many original works. Although a monthly fee is required, many users love Netflix because of the high-quality viewing experience.

Please refer to our article, " 10 Anime Movies You Can Watch on Netflix " for more information.

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Crunchyroll is a site that distributes many anime titles, mainly Japanese anime. It offers a wide variety of Japanese subtitles and dubbed versions, and high-quality picture quality. In addition, paid members can eliminate advertisements and enjoy other benefits such as advance delivery of new anime.

These are the latest B9Good alternative sites for 2023. All of these sites are free to use, so you can give them a try. However, beware of illegal activities and use them at your own risk.

Cautions for using B9Good alternative sites

The following are some precautions to take when using B9Good alternative sites

Beware of illegal activities.

Just as B9Good was caught, illegal activities on alternative sites may be subject to detection. In particular, be very careful about violating copyright laws.

Beware of virus infection

Alternative sites, like B9Good, are illegal sites and may have a high risk of virus infection. Therefore, be sure to take security measures to prevent virus infection.

Beware of advertisements

Alternative sites may display many advertisements. Some of them may display fraudulent advertisements. Therefore, be aware of advertisements and do not click on them.

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Although B9Good has been closed, you can continue to enjoy Japanese anime and dramas by using alternative sites. However, be very careful about illegal activities on alternative sites and be sure to use them appropriately. You should also be aware of virus infections and fraudulent advertisements when using B9Good's alternative sites.

Please use this article to find your favorite works by using B9Good alternative sites in an appropriate manner.

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