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How to save SayMove adult videos freely!

SayMove is a video sharing site that offers free commented videos with no registration required. This article shows you how to save video content from SayMove.

FC2 SayMove! is a web video viewing service that allows users to add comments to posted videos. For those who have not yet had the experience of using this service, we will provide more information about it and how to download videos from the site.

What is SayMove!

SayMove! is one of the parasitic video sharing sites operated by Shwe Nandar, which operates with links from other video sharing sites such as YouTube, for example. Since FC2 was in charge of its operation for a while, you may often see videos that you have seen on other video sites. The number of works and picture quality may be slightly lower than other sites, but that said, there is no need to register or pay any fees. This ease of use is its greatest appeal, and the excitement of not knowing what is available is part of the fun.

Safety of SayMove

Shared sites bring links from many different places, so it is natural to be concerned about their safety. Therefore, the author actually accessed the site and attempted to verify it. As a result, it was found that the majority of uploaded videos were provided by YouTube or FC2, and very few were from suspicious sites. Of course, we cannot assure you that there is no risk at all, but the SayMove site itself is run by a trusted company, and pop-up ads like those on foreign adult sites are greatly reduced. While some may want to save the videos with download software or other means, the link to the distributor is also displayed below the video. Therefore, if safety is important to you, watching on SayMove is guaranteed to be safer than on the distributor.

How to download videos from SayMove

As mentioned earlier, unfortunately, no official download function is provided. Therefore, downloading must be done externally through some means. There are two common download methods: free online sites and download software that requires installation. Here we first introduce free online sites.


As many of you may already know, Offliberty is a free site that allows you to download from many free video sharing sites with a single link, and is one of the most stable free tools available, with many services compatible with FC2, Nico Nico Douga, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. It is one of the most stable free tools.

To download SayMove videos, visit Offliberty's official website and paste the URL of the SayMove video into the input field.

Next, click the "OFF" button.

After a short wait, a yellow icon will appear. Right-click the icon with the resolution and size you prefer, and click "Save As" to save the video file.

This will complete the download.

StreamGaGa," a highly functional download service

While easy online downloading is of course attractive, some people may have a need to enjoy higher quality videos or want additional features such as subtitles. For those people, we especially recommend the StreamGaGa download service.

The advantages of StreamGaGa are as follows.

Depending on the quality of the video source, 4K or 8K quality video can be stored on the device as is.

If the video has subtitles, you can automatically download the subtitles and secondary audio at the same time.

You can play the video in the built-in browser and go straight to downloading.

The software is compatible with both Windows and MacOS.

There is a free trial version, and plans are available for monthly, yearly, and perpetual licenses.

Thus, it can be used on most sites on the Internet, and downloading is completed simply by accessing the video page, playing, and downloading. As long as you have this one thing installed, you can save both audio and video with a single click. The service supports video content distributed on many popular paid distribution platforms, as well as content that free download tools cannot handle. Although it is a paid service, the free trial version allows you to download up to three videos with no limit, and it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Despite being a multifunctional downloader, its operation is very easy and straightforward.

Step 1: Install StreamGaGa at the official website.

Step 2: Launch the software and the Home screen will appear. Next, click the button in the upper right corner and paste the URL of the video you wish to download.

Step 3: You will be automatically redirected to the video page and the download will begin as soon as the video starts playing.

With these few steps, you can easily save the video. If you have an account with another subscription service, you can also follow the same procedure to download after logging in.

This convenient feature makes it very easy to save videos with almost one click. If you are a regular video viewer, please take this opportunity to save your favorite videos with StreamGaGa.

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