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Top 10 Hottest Sexual Scenes Better Than Porn

In this article, we will mention the top 10 hottest Sexual Scenes in Movies or TV Series that are way better than porn. Make sure to follow this guide till the end to find out your favorite one.

If you are thinking that you need to browse porn websites in private to get Sexual scenes then think again. Because there is another way through which you can find top-notch erotic scenes on the internet without browsing porn sites.

As we all know that watching good porn is the best way to get rid of that horny itch and thanks to world-class filmmakers such as Erika Lust, Madison Young, and many more there are tons of good porn available on the internet.

But for nights when you don't want to delete your search history or Porn sites are blocked in your region, Premium porn sites are expensive, then these Sexual scenes in Movies or TV Series will help you pass your night in fun.

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Top 10 sexual scenes in movies or TV series

Here is the list of the top 10 Sexual Scenes in Movies or TV series that are way better than porn.

1. Shameless


Shameless is the best show available on Netflix starting with Emmy Rossum, William H Macy, and Jeremy Allen White. This is the story of a dysfunctional family living in Chicago. We know that the Plot is not that sexy but trust us Characters have sex all the time in this show.

There are a lot of sexy scenes in this series to choose from but the A+ sex scene is between Fiona and Jimmy in this first episode. This sex scene starts 16 minutes into the episode and it is a good place to start your series from.

2. White Lines


As we all know White Lines was canceled after one season, don't let its cancellation fool you because Season one has the most sexual scenes that will be drooling you within the first hour.

The hottest scene starts from the very first episode of this series, play the first episode and then go to the 40 Minutes mark. Now sit back and enjoy it because it is going to be very good. We can assure you that this sexual scene is way better than porn.

3. Lady Chatterley’s Lover


This movie is based on a 1928 novel by D.H Lawrence and this is not the first time Lady Chatterley's Lover has been introduced in a guide like this. It follows a lady Chatterley as she begins an erotic affair with the gamekeeper of her husband's office after her husband got paralyzed after world war 1.

The best sexual scene in this movie is when finally Connie and Oliver have sex for the first time. They started kissing and then having sex outside on a barnyard floor. This scene has all you are looking for in a porn video.

4. Sense8


Sense8 is a TV series available on Netflix, in this series a group of 8 people who are telepathically connected and can experience each other's lives including sex. This season was canceled after two series but watchers like this show so much that Netflix has to bring it back as a 2-hour series final movie.

The hottest part of this movie is when none other than 14 people are connected and have an orgy at the same time. You will not find any porn where 14 people are having sex at a time.

5. She’s Gotta Have it


This is a modern-day remake of Spike Lee's 1986 film that goes by the same name. In this movie a Brooklyn-based artist, Nola Darling as she faced the challenges of gentrification in her neighborhood. She is facing the challenge of balancing an open relationship with three different men and women. This film has a brilliant story plus mind-blowing sexual scenes that are better than pron.

The hottest part of this film is within the first 10 minutes when Nola and Opal have intense sex, this scene is very hot and you will enjoy it.

6. Easy


Easy is a Comedy anthology series that was first aired in 2016 and has three seasons. All of these seasons are jam-packed with sexual scenes and storylines. This series has a great cast that will take you on different journeys of love.

Well, this series has many hottest scenes that we don't know where to start, but there is an awkward threesome scene in Season 1 Episode 6. In this scene, Malin Akerman, Kate Micucci, and Orlando Bloom have sex together. We know that you will enjoy this sexual scene very much.

7. Sex/Life


If you are a fan of the sexual scene in Movies and TV series then the odds are that you have already enjoyed the scenes that are available in these series. But if not then this is the series that you don't want to miss. The storyline is not that great but as the title, the sex scene in this series is outta control hot.

From pool sex to elevator sex and more, all the sex scene in this series is wonderful. My favorite scene is in episode 5 when the main character of this show enjoys mind-blowing CAT.

8. Through My Window


This is a Spanish movie available on Netflix, in this film, Raquel and Ares are two neighbors who are checking each other many times and finally connected through a Wi-Fi connection. The Hot scene in this film is too hot to handle.

The Hottest scene of this film is when Ares goes down on Raquel and touches her for around a minute 17. The heavy breathing and then expressions of Raquel are all too much. This is only the beginning because this film has more sex scenes than you can imagine.

9. You


You are based on a Stalker name Joe who stalks women and then has sex with them. You can watch the whole show by just watching the sex scenes.

The Hottest scene in this show is when Loves take full control of Joe. In this scene, love is on top of joe and stuffing a necktie in his mouth so he could not make any noise.

10. Notebook

Finally, the End Notebook will definitely fulfill your desire to watch the best film scene better than porn. In this movie, there is a scene where two lovers meet after a long time and have sex while raining. This scene has its intensity, sexual, foreplay, and more.

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