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How to download Hotstar videos on PC, Android and iOS ? (latest 2022)

If you won't have access to the internet for an extended period of time, you may still keep yourself occupied by downloading a variety of TV series and movies from Hotstar.

Do you desire to download Hotstar videos to your own computer or an Android or iOS mobile device? If you answered "Yes" to this question, then you have, fortunately, found the appropriate article.

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Hotstar, which was launched in 2015, has rapidly evolved into one of the most reputable online video streaming platforms. Hotstar, which is owned and run by Star India, provides access to an enormous library of films and television programs. On Hotstar, you are even able to watch live cricket matches and other sporting events. And you could download Hotstar videos on its APP.

The Walt Disney Company has just purchased the Indian television behemoth Star. As a result of this transaction, Disney is now the owner of Hotstar as well as the company that runs it. Shortly after completing the purchase, Disney changed the name of Hotstar to Disney+ Hotstar.

What is Disney+ Hotstar?

The Indian subscription video-on-demand OTP streaming service Disney+ Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. Novi Digital Entertainment is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. It was established as a result of a partnership between Disney and Star India's pre-existing streaming service known as Hotstar. In 2019, the firm debuted Disney Plus for the first time in the United States. In later years, the company began marketing its wares in more nations, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. On the other hand, it was relaunched in India under the name Disney+ Hotstar.

There are three different plans available: VIP, Super, and Premium. The Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket is one of the live events featured on the VIP package, which focuses more on local programming and live sports content. In addition, the Premium plan offers original movies and television programs from across the world, such as those produced by HBO, Star World, ABS Studios, Fox Life, and Showtime, as well as other American production companies. The price range for the Disney+ Hotstar plans begins at Rs 399 for the VIP plan, Rs 899 for the Super plan, and Rs 1,499 for the Premium plan.

However, the advantages that come with each plan are uniquely their own, despite the fact that they all have a validity of one year. If you have the VIP mobile plan, you will be able to view Disney+ Hotstar on just one device at a time, and the audio and video quality will both be 720p stereo. Alternatively, the Super plan allows for simultaneous use of two devices and provides audio and video quality of 1080p and Dolby 5.1 respectively. The most costly plan for Hotstar Premium enables a maximum of four devices simultaneously. This package provides both Dolby 5.1 audio and 4K video quality for its subscribers.

How Can I Download Hotstar Videos?

There is a variety of tools and applications available to download Hotstar videos. This tutorial includes instructions for both the official and third-party software to download videos from the Hotstar app.

We recommend StreamGaGa Hotstar Downloader to download your favorite Hotstar videos. After you have downloaded the film to your computer or Android device, you are free to watch it anytime and wherever you choose. You also have the ability to share these films with others.

How Do I Download Hotstar Videos On My Mobile Device?

Using the official Hotstar program, which is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, is the initial option for downloading videos from Hotstar, and it is also one of the most time-effective methods.

The steps to download videos from the Hotstar app are as follows:

  • First things first, check that you have a connection to the internet that is both stable and fast.
  • When you have finished opening the Hotstar application on your mobile device, look for the material that you want to save to your device.
  • After selecting a particular movie, you can also see an option to download the film in addition to icons to add the video to your watchlist or share it.
  • If you pick the download option, Hotstar will prompt you to choose the video quality that you desire before it begins the download.
  • After you have decided on a certain resolution, the process of downloading the video will start, and the Hotstar app will alert you when it is finished downloading.

Even if you do not have access to a working internet connection, you are now able to watch the movie or television show that you have downloaded. The videos that are obtained by utilizing the approach described above cannot be distributed to any other users. This is a drawback. In addition, the official Hotstar app is the only one that can play these video files after they have been downloaded.

How Do I Download Hotstar Videos On My PC?

You won't run into any problems if you use the StreamGaGa Hotstar Downloader to save videos to view offline later. You will be able to see movies and listen to audio in the highest possible quality. Additionally, you are able to download live TV shows and even make use of a variety of other services. This program has a low learning curve, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

StreamGaGa Hotstar Downloader Capabilities and Features

The following is a list of the incredible features that come with this program:

  • You are able to download videos in a high resolution.
  • It provides assistance that is customized to the country.
  • The UI is simple and straightforward.
  • Download several files of the series at one time.
  • Provide support for a variety of subtitle formats and audio in different languages.

Easy steps to download Hotstar Videos:

Step 1: Download and install the StreamGaGa Hotstar Downloader.

You may get the program by going to the StreamGaGa Hotstar Downloader website and downloading and installing it. Start up StreamGaGa and navigate to the "Home" screen, where you should click the "Paste URL" button.

Step 2: Simply copy and paste the URL of the video.

You will first need to visit the Hotstar website, search for the video that you want to download, and then copy the URL that is associated with that movie. Please place it in the space provided.

Step 3: Save the Video to your computer.

Simply clicking on "Download" will get the download started. The process of downloading would take place in the background, and you would still be able to browse for further movies and view them online.

You now have all of the information that you need to successfully download Hotstar videos onto your own personal PC or Mac.


Users of StreamGaGa have the ability to download videos not just from Hotstar but also from a broad selection of other streaming websites. These websites provide a wide variety of streaming services, some of which include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and so on. Before leaving for the airport, it is a good idea to check that the movie can be downloaded without any problems by playing back a short section of it for inspection.

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